What is Keep & Share?

Keep & Share is an experimental knitwear label and open craft practice. 

I - Amy Twigger Holroyd - use Keep & Share as an umbrella for all of my knitting-related activities.


I am Keep & Share, and Keep & Share is me.


The activities of Keep & Share have constantly evolved since I set up my practice in 2004. You can read more about the past of Keep & Share here; right now, I’m mainly:

I’m especially interested in:

  • experimenting with the endless ingenuity of hand knitting, machine knitting and crochet
  • using craft and design to engender ‘emotional durability’ in fashion
  • exploring the role of the designer in supporting amateur making 
  • tinkering with existing stuff, from individual garments to the fashion system

You can read more about these interests here.

I also explore my ideas through academic research; click here to find out more.