Radical closet refashion: the first five posts

Thursday, December 5, 2013

In October, I was delighted to be asked by the awesome New York-based 'curated fashion eco-mmunity' (and slow fashion champions) ReFashioner to be a guest blogger for their blog. Delighted, because when I read their fab manifesto I saw many links with my own philosophy about fashion, sustainability and the wardrobe. 

It was perfect timing, too, as I had just been thinking about doing a new project following on from ideas I developed as part of my PhD research, as I explained in my first reMAG post:

As I read previous wardrobe studies – research which surveys real people’s wardrobes, checking out how many items they own, and what proportion of the items are worn – I realised I really wanted to take some time to look at my own wardrobe. I seem to have a huge amount of clothes, though I don’t buy many nowadays … and there are piles and piles of things I haven’t worn for years…

So, in my reMAG posts I’m going to be blogging about this Wardrobe Project: sharing my thoughts as I review the contents of my wardrobe, repair or rework items in need of rejuvenation, and try to ‘design’ ways of wearing more of this treasured collection of pieces I’ve gathered over the years. Along the way, I’ll pick some tasty wardrobe-related nuggets from existing academic research, and my own research data.

I've done five posts so far, so thought this was a good time to gather the links together in a post on my own blog:

Part I - in which I introduce myself, and the project

Part II - in which I look at existing research about the contents of our wardrobes

Part III - the first phase of my wardrobe inventory (underwear & hosiery)

Part IV - in which I patch some pants and darn some socks

Part V - discussing ways of thinking about unworn clothes in the wardrobe

To keep up with the project, keep an eye on the ReFashioner blog - plus I'll add another summary post here with links to Parts VI-X, in due course!

[Later addition: here's the summary post, for Parts VI-X]