Cast Away

Cast Away was a unique collaborative knitting project, which I ran in an empty shop in Hereford. I worked with school and community groups and members of the public to create a temporary knitted installation starting from a single cardigan. Pieces of knitting were added to this single starting point, creating a growing, twisting web that that took over the whole shop space.

Having previously created communal blankets, I was interested in exploring the idea of a three-dimensional patchwork. I also wanted to explore an idea central to my stitch-hacking work: that existing garments can be 'opened up' and tinkered with. 

The project involved more than 100 people in just 5 open days. I taught hand knitting, crochet, finger knitting and machine knitting skills, so everyone had the chance to try out something new. Comments from participants included: 'Great atmosphere and creative buzz' | 'Welcoming, bright community-building afternoon' | 'A super intergenerational project' | 'Nice atmosphere, very relaxed - just as knitting should be'

  • February-March 2011

  • The Cast Away project was supported by the Windows on Art scheme run by Herefordshire Council. Many thanks to art360 for providing the empty shop, and to all the knitters involved for your contributions! Photography by Lily Urbanska and Amy Twigger Holroyd.