The first ten years


In August 2014, to celebrate the ten year anniversary of Keep & Share, I produced a 16-page pamphlet in which I looked back at the development and evolution of my work. 

Excerpt from the foreword

While Keep & Share is a real business, it has always primarily been a way of exploring my ideas in a creative context. I see my practice as a type of research, generating new knowledge about fashion, making and sustainability which can be shared with others, and setting an example that might influence future activity. I’m delighted that Keep & Share has been used by others as an example of innovative fashion practice. My work has been written about in books, magazines, websites and blogs, and has been featured in several influential fashion and sustainability exhibitions.

However, while there are dozens of mentions of my work in a wide range of publications, none of these give the full picture, or describe the ideas behind Keep & Share quite as I would myself. Furthermore, my activities have developed and evolved over the years – so what Keep & Share is now is rather different to what it was five or ten years ago.

Although I have told elements of the story of Keep & Share many times – at lectures to students and designers, to individual customers and curious passers-by – I have never taken the time (or, to be frank, had the time) to stop and document the full shebang. Having reached the milestone of the ten year anniversary – and, almost simultaneously, embarked on a new era of Keep & Share activity – the time seems right to commit the story to paper. 

The printed version of the pamphlet was produced in a limited edition of 100 copies (available on request - get in touch if you'd like one). An interactive pdf version is available to download.

I also gave a talk at the amazing London yarn shop and hub of all things knit, Prick Your Finger, sharing some edited highlights of the first decade of Keep & Share: