Latitude 2014

In summer 2014, we restricted our Knitting Tent activities to just one festival, and changed the format a little - with an expanded Knitting Circle and a display of my knitwear, rather than the full-on Travelling Store.

We combined the previous three years' Knitting Circle output into one great web which sprawled outwards from the tent, ensnaring knitters and would-be knitters alike. 

During the festival, it grew and grew. 

'What will you do with it when it's finished?', people asked.

'How will it ever be finished?', I replied.

The Knitting Circle is now in hibernation, waiting for its next opportunity to flourish.

Most of these photos were taken by Cybèle, one of the knitting team. You can see her fantastic album on Flickr.

  • July 2014

  • Many thanks to everyone who knitted with us at Latitude, and the Knitting Team: Cybèle, Helen, Sophie, Nina and Deb.