No more Keep & Share workshops...

Between 2008 and 2014, I ran hand and machine knitting workshops at my studio in Herefordshire. This was an important part of my work, which enabled me to meet hundreds of keen knitters and learn a great deal at the same time as sharing my own skills!

In 2014, I moved to Leeds to work in research full-time - which meant that I, sadly, no longer have time available to run workshops.

... but machine knitting workshops continue in Hereford

I am delighted that my former assistant and skilled machine knitter Marissa Thereze is now running her own machine knitting workshops in Hereford - which I highly recommend.

You can find dates and more details about Marissa's workshops here.

Those who have attended my workshops in the past may have met Marissa, as she often assisted me in teaching. You will find that her workshops have the same format and relaxed atmosphere, with everyone learning at their own pace - and the same machines, too!

Hand knitting and crochet

If you are looking for a hand knitting or crochet workshop, take a look at the list on the UK Hand Knitting Association website, available here.

Workshops archive

I have kept the details of the workshops I used to run in the workshops archive, for historical interest only!