Open a row

You have three options: cut a stitch and unravel; pull a thread, cut and gently pull apart; or cut the fabric and unravel back to a clean row. You can open a whole row, or just part.

Cut a stitch (more controlled, recommended for small areas and opening just part of a row):

  • Find one thread at the centre of the area to be opened and snip it.
  • Unravel in each direction as far as is required.

Pull a thread (less controlled, recommended for opening a whole row; might be difficult with stiff or weak fabrics; be prepared to unravel a couple of rows):

  • Insert a needle into the head of one stitch and pull so the whole width of the fabric gathers up.
  • Cut the yarn next to the fabric and then ease the fabric to its normal width.
  • The two pieces should come apart cleanly.
  • Unravel any stitches at the ends of the row manually (as 'cut a stitch').
  • You can cut a stitch at one edge of the fabric, and then pull the thread from the other edge, but be careful not to stray from the correct row!

Cut fabric (less controlled and messy; be prepared to unravel a few rows):

  • Cut fabric a few cm longer than required; try to cut perfectly horizontally.
  • Get rid of the short cut bits of thread to expose the open stitches.
  • Unravel a couple of rows to get a clean row.